Saturday, December 18, 2004

Fortune smiles upon our first effort - Virgil

I've developed a fascination with the growing proliferation of blogs throughout the internet. Its amazing to watch information springing forth from so many different founts, and the all but instantaneous analysis available from a plethora of perspectives. I also have to note that reading blogs is rather addicting and its highly likely to cause you to wish to begin your own blog. *cough* To a certain degree wading into the political discourse that has become a characteristic of the blogsphere is an exercise in vanity, as it presumes you have an opinion compelling enough that other people should pay attention to it. However, moderate doses of narcisism have not yet been found to be fatal.

Given that this blog will trace my commentary on various issues, some disclosure of whom I am seems appropriate. I'm currently a law student at the U of A in Edmonton, AB. I formerly studied Economics and Political Science at the University of Manitoba. I've drifted westward having caught the tune of the siren song of prosperity and I'm relatively content with my location for the moment, despite the occasionally nostalgic desire to see rolling fields of canola and wheat as you drive along the highway.

I'm a card carrying member of the Conservative Party of Canada, although such a disclosure probably won't become all that necessary given the tone and substance of following posts. Some people might find the label "conservative" vague as it tends to cover a wide range of ideological positions. But while we're looking at other labels I tend to accept right wing as covering my perspective for the most part. Small - c conservative is generally appropriate as well, given that I'm not particularly inclined to be a social crusader. Blue Tory might be an equally appropriate factional label. I'm not adverse to stating my position as that of a classical liberal as I generally endorse the views and scholarship of John Locke, Adam Smith, David Ricardo, John Stuart Mill, Fredrick Hayek et all. I have my libertarian moments, although that's really not all that different from classical liberalism - I'm a fan of Robert Nozick although I think he takes his point way too far. On the other hand I'm quite fond of Edmund Burke and would urge everyone to rediscover his wisdom and eloquence, and I must admit a certain fondness for Nietzsche as well.

Aside from these political matters in the nature of hobbies I fence and somehow was roped into playing rugby earlier in the year. Its a strange juxtaposition to say the sport where you weld a sword seems by far safer. My music tastes tend to run in the line of rock, alternative, punk and metal but with an appreciation for classical music in opposition to the strict regiment of heavy guitar rifts. I enjoy reading but school tends to stifle the desire to read when you have a goodly number of textbooks inflicted upon you!

This not so brief introduction has now rambled its way to a conclusion and actual content shall begin to appear soon.

And so it begins...


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