Monday, January 24, 2005

Desperate Liberals Now Calling Appeal to Minorities "Racist"

According to minority rights and labour supporters our anti-gay marriage campaign is racist, because it appeals to minority groups.

Now for those of us in the know, minority rights and labour supporters is media code for "left wing nutjobs".

An anti-Harper coalition claiming 200 minority rights and labour supporters from across Canada launched a bitter denunciation of the ads, accusing Harper of fuelling racial intolerance. "The ad campaign ... is in our view, divisive; panders to prejudice; seeks to pit one minority community against another and reinforces unfounded and in fact racist stereotypes that visible minorities are intolerant," said the coalition.

Signatories to the anti-Harper letter also include members of the Canadian Labour Congress, the former deputy commissioner of the British Columbia Human Rights Commission, the Chinese Canadian National Council, the Calgary Immigrant Women's Association and the Asian Canadian Labour Congress.

Going through the list we might as well simply call it "the usual suspects" considering they are generally the people who have bad things to say about Conservatives. If I was as ambitious as Vitor I could probably find that most of the groups on that list have donated to either the NDP, Liberals or both. Needless to say none of these groups have ever had anything good to say about us anyhow, so why start now?

But really "gay rights" is now an issue of ethnicity? The left is becoming a parody of itself in a fashion that seems somewhere between sad and laughable.

The idea that its racist to appeal to groups that are statistically more religious, and more likely to oppose gay marriage isn't racist. Its demographic and sound strategy at that. Furthermore, the CPC generally does fairly well with the "white guy vote", so sending out a memo to people who are already onside wouldn't make an aweful lot of sense.

The only real purpose to this group's exercise is to try and get a negative press release into the papers to smear the conservatives. Of course, lazy professional journalists are generally on side with that.


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