Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Daily Show on Blogs

(Via Plum Blossoms and onegoodmove)

The Daily Show truly has its moments, even though too often it does seem a bit left wing for my tastes. I recall watching its election coverage when Jon Steward said "its hard to make people laugh when everyone feels like curling up in a corner and holding themselves" or concerning gay marriage he rattled through the rather lopsided victories of ammendments to forbid gay marriage and stated something to the effect of "I think I'm going to go cry now.."

However, liberal or not he is fairly witty. The bit on blogs is one of the finer moments for the show. Stephen Colbert announces his name is "really Ted Hitler" and he's murdered a panada, before denouncing bloggers for taking facts and organizing them and presenting them for general consumption. Yes..those lousy bloggers with their "facts".

You can find a clip of that segement here.


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