Saturday, March 12, 2005

Lloyd Axworthy speaks out on missile defence to confirm he's still an idiot

(via Babbling Brooks )

Now I missed Lloyd Axworthy's comments on missile defense last week because, I was worried far more about my birthday and all the alcohol consumption related to that event. However, the Babbler has brought the former foreign affairs minister's little open letter to Condi to my attention. The Babbler gives me an opporunity to do something I haven't done since I left Winnipeg - bash Llyod Axworthy. As a result I have my own open letter to Lloyd.

Dear Lloyd,

Apparantly you've taken time out of your busy schedual overseeing the University of Winnipeg's administration and organizing its "radical speaker series", its "no blood for oil protests" and all the other things that pass for an education there to comment on ballistic missile defense. While I'm surprised that you've noticed any current event c,onsidering intellectually you seem stuck in the 1970s its also nice to see that you remain just as useless in commenting on diplomacy, as our foreign minister Pierre Pettigrew is at practicing it. However, I will grant that Pierre does have much better hair.

I realize it might be highly inconvient for you to deal with such petty things as facts Lloyd, after all that does tend to get in the way of all that bashing of your oppenents as religious zealots and wasteful spenders. It seems to me that this was the last test of the Missile Defense program and it was...sucessful. So Lloyd you might want to get your facts straight before you start pointing fingers. As for wasteful spending - where the hell were you on the gun registry Lloyd? Where are your editorials and letters to the editor condemning a system that works zero percent of the time and has cost billions of dollars?

Lloyd perhaps it might also be worth pointing out that the US probably wouldn't be wracking up those multibillion dollar decifits if it didn't have allies, whom thought the US should have to always do all the heavy lifting in foreign policy. While they of course would stay aloof before they rushed in to try and claim some credit towards the end. Between Canada and Europe security mooching seems the order of the day, essentially relying on the Americans to protect us and essentially subsidizing our bloated welfare states with their commitment to the free world and their military. Indeed, if we all took a more active roll in protecting ourselves and liberty as opposed to looking down our nose at those who did and scorning the expense they go to to protect not only themselves but us as well, I seriously doubt the US would be running deficits at all in fighting the war on terror. But while we're speaking of decifits Lloyd where was your concern when your good buddy Pierre Trudeau was saddling my entire generation with a huge debt load and high taxes? Apparantly debt it a-okay when it goes to fund selfish and unsustainable social programs but bad when it frees people from the yoke of tyranny - you leftist hypocrit.

Oh and the world's oldest democracy is going to learn something from Canada's parliamentary tradition of a corrupt one party state where power is centralized in the hands of the PMO, and where Supreme Court and Senate appointments are made solely at the discretion of the prime minister - heck our Senate isn't even elected. The notion that America can learn anything except perhaps what not to do is a ridiculous assertation. Your calling America a one party state Lloyd - that's the pot calling the kettle black or more likely the pot calling the white china set black.

You assertation that somehow the fact a Republican ambassador doesn't find the Liberal party's drivel all that compelling is due to the influence of think tanks in Calgary and neo-cons seems to be nothing but a way to slide in the anti-Alberta bigotry for no apparant and or logical reason. You would think a Republican Ambassador just may have been right wing without any help from us, and had the silly idea that the Canadian government would behave reasonably instead of like the spoiled children that Liberals for the most part are.

Oh and certainly what we need Lloyd rather than a government that's willing to actually stop tyranny and implement democracy is "more international agreements". So Lloyd how have those international agreements been doing at stopping the hundreds of thousands of people living in the Sudan from dying? Why don't you ask those African Christians whether they would prefer some soldiers to protect them from dying, or for you to host a conference and sign an agreement saying how concerned you are about their situation?

And Kyoto is such a stellar example of an international agreement isn't it Lloyd.?A bunch of dithering socialist bureaucrats got together and figured out how they could essentially waste billions of dollars, hold a bunch of meetings and accomplish absolutely nothing - clearly paving the way for more studies, meetings and conferences right? Tell me what other motivation could anyone possibly have for an accord that completely exempts the world's fastest growing economies, has wildly inaccurate economic projections, is based upon shaky science and EVEN if it worked it would only delay 0.5 degree celcius climate change for 6 years. We get all that for billions of dollars, you know what Lloyd you keep your international agreement I'll buy an air conditioner if this global warmer thing ever happens.

As for providing leadership on disease, disasters and that ilk Lloyd, maybe you haven't realized it but the war on terror and the larger war for the continuation of western civilization happens to be keeping the Americans just a little bit busy. While your sitting with your other champange socialists soaking up a government pension I'm not convinced you ever did anything to actually merit, the Bush Administration happens to be engaged in reforming the Middle East and ending the threat of Islamist terror. Strangely that somehow misses your list of priorities, nor do you seem to think that putting up defenses when unreliable countries like China, North Korea and Iran have or seek nuclear weapons might just be a reasonable idea.

As ever you remain a tawdry, tedious and complete fool with ideas so "soft" you might want to seriously look into those internet pharmacy adds for viagra and see if they come in an intellectual form.

Yours in complete hostility,



At 9:30 a.m., Blogger Wade Ranger said...

I could not have said it better myself. I hope this commentary makes it too Lloyd's antique cherrywood desk.

At 9:15 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent reply to an overblown windbag. You almost make me wish I was Canadian...almost :)


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