Monday, December 20, 2004

In a related international story - The "sitzpinkler" movement

The Star Newspapers

The "sitzpinkler" movement, which started in Sweden a few years ago, has moved to Australia and Germany.

I won't go into detail. You can figure it out for yourself. "Sitzpinkler" is German for a man who sits in the restroom even when he doesn't have to. Otherwise, by demonstrating his "dominance" over women, he risks excommunication by the Left.

A newspaper called The Australian quoted a young woman named Jessica, a biologist, from the Swedish city of Uppsala: "All my friends demand that their husbands or boyfriends sit down," said Jessica."I think it shows respect for the women who clean.

"My brother, for example, would not dream of standing up. Among the young, leftish intelligentsia, there is also a view that to stand up is a nasty macho gesture."

Somewhere in the afterlife Orwell just blinked, started roaring with laughter, and then began to cry. The very act of relieving yourself has been politicized and now there is a pc way to pee. I think I'm going to outrage some European lefty right now and "stand" in solidarity with right wing males the world over.

(via Andrew Sullivan )


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