Monday, January 24, 2005

A Conservative Manifesto

I hold these things to be self evident and true.

1. Individuals are the fundamental building blocks of every state. Their rights and dignity as human beings deserve to be respected.

2. Small government is the optimal form of government, as it allows for the greatest amount of autonomy for the individual.

3. Capitalism and free markets is the most effective means of wealth production and distribution known to man. Government only has a place to step in to enforce contracts, keep law and order, defend the realm, collect taxes and provide for those essential projects that will not be, or may not effectively be provided by the market.

4. Free trade enhances the wealth of both nations involved and is both good and desirable.

5. The wisdom of the past is encapsulated in tradition and it should be respected.

6. People have a right to use and enjoy private property and not to be deprived thereof except with due process and compensation where applicable.

7. There should be freedom of religion, or not to persue religion. However, this should not be a pretext to demand anyone with religious views be silenced.

8. There should be free speach without qualification, defeat bad ideas with good ideas in reasoned debate rather than censorship.

9. The elected representatives of the people should formulate, debate and legislate the law. This law is to be interperted not subverted by the judiciary.

10. Parliament is soveirgn and should have the final say over any legal question.

11. Citizens have a right to a fair trial.

12. A country should exercise soveirgnty over its borders and defend them rigorously.

13. The judiciary should exhibit due deference to parliament and cleave to the original meaning of the words found in constitutional documents.

14. A strong military is necessary to defend one's nation from enemies and to promote the nation's international interests.

15. Local matters should be dealt with at local not national levels.

16. The traditional family unit of one man and one woman joined by marriage and at least one child, is valuable and should be encouraged and respected.

17. Crimes and violations of the law should be punished in a suitable and substantial fashion.


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