Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Same Sex Marriage Update

Paul Martin seems to have been made rather uncomfortable on his trip to India as the issue of same sex marriage came up there. This situation came from the leader of the Sihk religion commenting on the issue.

Joginder Singh Vedanti, spiritual leader of the Sikhs, issued an edict directing his followers around the world to reject the legalization of gay marriage. Vedanti said, "Same-sex marriage originates from a sick mind."

I gather he's rather against the idea.

In related news, CTV is reporting the the Conservative Party is going to run an ad-campaign promoting its stance on gay marriage and contrasting it to the Liberals. The theme of the campaign is suposed to be asking Canadians "What kind of Canada do you want?" For those whom have been growing disgusted with the squishiness of the CPC's policies, well apparantly we feel unified enough on this issue to do some pre-election campaigning on it.

Meanwhile Stephen Harper is in Quebec trying to connect with rural voters in the province. Stephen is evidently sticking to his strategy of attempting to attack our opponents strength and remedy our glaring weakness in Quebec. As I noted in this post he seems to be gaining some traction as the CPC has began to poll in the double digits in Quebec. He's emphasized that there is room for divergent social views while in Quebec, which their should be in any party.


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