Saturday, February 26, 2005

Ballistic Missile Defense

After seeing the trade mark "Paul Martin Shuffle" where Paul takes two steps forward, two steps back and waffles all about it would appear "Our Glorious Leader" has come to a decision. Canada will not participate in ballistic missile defense.

Apparantly we cannot bow down to the "bullying Americans" by putting our name on the BMD letterhead, attend a few meetings and being consulted if there is a missile aimed at Canada. Yes, that really would sacrifice our soveirgnty wouldn't it? Being part of the decision making process about what to do if a missile gets lobbed at our country. On the other hand we can continue to be proudly Canadian by letting Americans defend our country for us - while we ridicule them for doing so!

After all how dare the Americans suggest we might want to be involved in defending a continent we simply happen to be a part of. We didn't ask to be part of North America - in fact we're considering asking for our half of the continent to be transfered to there! We have several university departments already studying how we can make Canada drift away from America and attach itself to Europe as we speak..and believe me the grant money is flowing on that project.

How can we be expected to go along with a weapons program which requires us to do nothing other than sign our names, attend meetings and financially benifet from being in on the research and development contracts because it would make our largest trading partner and most important ally really happy? We're against it! Why...umm...because its not like Bush really wants to shoot down missiles he's secretly working on a Star Wars program - he has George Lucas developing special elite combat units with Jedi powers and light sabres. Canada stands strongly against the development of a Jedi Knight program and condemns America's participation in it - we know all about your secret Star Wars program Bush! We're not buying into this whole "defending ourselves against incoming missiles" malacky. NO BLOOD FOR LIGHTSABRES!


At 11:08 a.m., Blogger David Wozney said...

Without missile defence, some alliance of nations, through the use of submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBM's), might try to trigger a "mutual assured destruction" nuclear war between North America and another nation.


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