Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Election in Iraq

As you all know, Iraq has now held a democratic election. There were a number of carbombs which went off, and a few people died. However, by and large this was a peaceful day.

It was a day in which the Iraqi people joined those whom had come from foreign countries to cast off the yoke of tyranny and claim there rights as free men and women. It was a day when those would "resisted" the so called "occupation" were shown for what they were, unwanted and unwelcome oppressors who seek to place the boot back upon the necks of the Iraqi people.

It was a day when those in the media whom pounded the drum of gloom and doom, repeating the word "quagmire" as some sort of dismisal pessimistic mantra where brought low. Their strictly negative reporting shown for what it was, a bias is favour of failure based upon their own political persuasions and sensationalism leading them to fixate on each act of violence. Acts which were not in any way representative of the whole.

It was a day when those who stated the war in Iraq was unwinnable were humbled, disproven and shown to be the self-loathing cowards that they are - lacking both in courage, resolve and faith in their fellow man. The absurd notion they perpetrated claiming that "Arabs weren't ready for democray or don't want it" was shown to be not only false and defeatist but smacking of racism.

It was a day when George Bush proved himself not a fool, but a visionary.

It was a day when petty thugs and tyrants throughout the world glimpsed at their own future.

It was a day which proved one essential claim - all men are born free.


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