Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Red Ensign #14 - A Roundup of Bloggy Goodness

Everyone be sure to check out Nathan's highlight reel of what's been going on among the various blogs that make up the brigade's motley crew. He also has a few choice words that explain the purpose of this whole slightly self indulgent exercise among a disparate group - dialogue.

Sitting on my shelves gathering dust back at home in Canada is an exemplary collection of literature: Encylopaedia Britannica's "Great Books" series. In the preface to that series one may read about the "Great Conversation," many of whose threads are found in those books. We Red Ensigners are not a homogenous bunch. Our group comprises fiscal and social conservatives, social liberals, classical liberals, and several excellent representatives of Libertarianism. Some of us are Americans, others Canadians, and some, like me, are expatriates overseas. What we all share, however, apart from a reasonably civil exchange of ideas in the back and forth of our own chaper of the "Great Conversation," is a commitment to the best ideals of the Canada that flew the Red Ensign.


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