Thursday, February 03, 2005

Sometimes the best reason to say something is that it makes all the right people angry

President Bush by again raising that clairon call of freedom and rightly denouncing Syria and Iran as oppressive dictatorships which support terrorism, has evidently made both Syria and Iran angery.

I tend to like the fact that Bush has basically called a spade and spade and denounced Syria and Iran. Far too long the whole notion that "he may be a bastard but he's our bastard" has been in operation as the world struggled between two super powers each seeking to arrange countries like pieces on a playing board. The sad fact of the matter was that regardless of whose side the muderous regime and or dictator in question was on, he was still a blood thirsty tyrant.

The desirability of allowing these intransient governments to persist has ended. No longer is there the "greater evil" of Communism to fight. Now there is only an assortment of lesser evils. Like weeds they must be methodically plucked from the garden of nations until they are no more. Iraq and Afghanistan have been a good start, and undoubtably that alone has made both Syria and Iran terribly uncomfortable.

Two of the most backward regimes in the world have been given notice that change must occur and that if it doesn't come from within, it will be given a helping hand from without. Thus with a hundred thousand American troups in a neighbouring country where a new democratic government is being established and a foreign backed insurgency steadily being beaten down - further change in imminent. No longer will the atrocities and indirect threats these countries offer be ignored but they shall be taken for what they are enemies of all free people.

There is dissatisfaction brewing with the authoritarian regimes governing both countries and undoubtably freedom only a border away offers hope to the opressed. Thus as Iraq becomes more well in hand, I would say full of hawkish glee on the Damascus and on to Tehran!


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