Saturday, March 26, 2005

Getting on my Soap Box

I'd like to take this time to halt my entirely self serving semi-hiatus from commenting on political affairs to focus on my studies, to tell the various people whom are freaking out across the blog sphere about various aspects of the conservative policy platform to a) stop whining b) chill out.

Not being a hardcore social liberal, or a social conservative but vacilating somewhere in between those poles I thought the convention went pretty well and took a middle of the road approach. On the other hand I'm seeing some blogs issuing angry harrangues about how the CPC has "joined the culture of death". No, no we haven't. If private members want to work towards putting forward a bill on abortion that's still their thing. There are more pro-life members of the CPC than any other party. Harper just said what he's always said before, the party has no policy, its a matter of individual conscience.

Seriously though, pro-life people need to take their rhetoric and tone it down a few notches. Now this comes from someone whose often accused of issuing forth Cross Fire like responses to various comments. I'm not immune to falling into partisan and somewhat condescending rhetoric, but "babykillers" is probably not something that you want to throw out there to begin with. It may feel good but its not goin to change anyone's mind. But I digress, what I'm saying is that essentially your pretty much where you were before, a supportive caucus but its not any part of party policy, so calm down eh? Not wanting to make anti-abortion part of party policy and to thereafter have to try and defend everyone who starts waving pictures of mutilated fetuses and shouting "baby killer", isn't exactly all the stern a rebuke. Its some basic political self-preservation, where we get to have our cake and eat it too.

As for the social liberals who are kicking up a fuss over the party reaffirming its opposition to gay marriage - seriously this is a "conservative party" what the hell were you expecting? Honestly, when a "conservative party" take a more left wing approach to an issue than arch liberal John Kerry, its to the left of the issue of Tony Blair, and is basically copying the solution of the socialist government of France - where do you people get off complaining about this? How much less conservative could we really be with out position supporting civil unions?

The "ooh but its a question of human rights and the courts said so, its about treating citizens equally" response is essentially a heaping pile of dung. Marriage is a human right? Says who? The gay rights lobby, and a bunch of liberal partisans who are looking for some trendy cause. The rest of the world save two silly European countries disagrees, I don't happen to see any UN Convenant of how "gay marriage is really a human right" being drafted. The majority of Canadians don't think gay marriage is a human right, although they don't really have anything in particular against gays so they're willing to allow them the tax and pension benifets of a civil union.

Quite frankly I'm sick and tired of hearing how everything is a right. My response at this point is "f*ck you, its a bloody privelege not a right". The whiny, irresponsible nature of so many people who graspe and things that exist and trumpent their entitlement to it has gotten out of control. At this point I wouldn't be entirely opposed to shipping each and every one of you whiny hardcore social liberals off to a third world dictatorship and thereafter let you all argue with them about your "human rights". Their a polite fiction based on what society deems appropriate, nothing more, nothing less.

I don't find various Courts of Appeal stacked with Liberal partisans to be the supreme arbitrators of what is or is not right. I'll leave social consensus to society itself rather than in the hands of an olijarchy. As a law student, I'm personally repulsed at how section 7 with its "fundamental principles of justice" and "equality rights" seem to be interpreted in whatever arbitrary and fanciful notions a judge seems to deem fitting at any point in time. Its the fundamental problem with our legal system today - entirely too much judicial discretion. The British system with its traditional role of having parliament as the final arbirator of the law by simply overriding the courts with a new statute, allow it clean up any of the messes the courts make with abuse of that discretion is highly preferable to the nonsensical mess the Charter has made of Canada. To all of you lefties - the Charter isn't even a Canadian invention. Its a knock off of the American Bill of Rights, and like most things we copy from the Americans we didn't do nearly as good a job with it.

Social change shouldn't be being imposed top down by elites in any case, it should come from the ground up. It should be a choice made by people. And if the people disagree with you, well then that's just the way democracy work - too bad.

So if social liberals are mad that alot of us don't buy the whole gay marriage as a human right thing - tough. If your going to run off, cry, not vote, quit the party, join the liberal party or whatever - to be blunt I really didn't like you much to begin with so don't let the door hit you on the way out.

As for some of the 16 year olds running to the media to cry and saying how they are going to take out liberal memberships because they don't have a formal youthwing in the conservative party - I hate you too. Yea, I didn't forget about you guys. While I'm directing my angst against various factions that are currently aggrivating me, I will now publically state that if your allegiance to the Conservative policy is so shallow that whether or not you get some sort of council or are able to set up clubs to flood conventions with automatic delegates a la Mulroney in '83 with charm schools and driving schools suddenly having Conservative Campus clubs - then you don't belong here in the first place. Come back when your finished with puberty and have an actual interest in conservative ideas.

That really applies to all the single issue whiners. If your allegiance is that shallow - I sincerely dislike you and wish bad things to happen to you. If you can't shallow your pride, and take a little water in your wine and see that while there might be a few things in our policy you disagree with there are a tremendous number of proposals that will be good not only for you but for Canada and Canadians - then your a petty, small person. No one gets everything they want, everything that came out of the conference is sure as hell better than what the red light district Liberals seem to be advocating, and only a child believes they get everything they want. If you haven't figured that out from the last decade of Liberal rule..perhaps you should now.

And that concludes my denounciations for this afternoon.


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