Thursday, June 23, 2005

Back in Black

So I said I'd resume posting a month and a few weeks ago, and its a Thursday night not a Monday..well I had a bit of a vacation. In any event while I've been catching up on my reading, watching some TV, playing video games and catching some cinema, the Good Ship Tory seems to have run aground. With the defection of intellectual heavy weight Belinda (Just call me Barbie) Stronarch, we lost a tight vote to disolve parliament and hold an election while we had the momentum on our side. This will be her most significant impact on politics ever, stiffling at least momentarily needed change. On the other hand the IQ of the Conservative Caucus has likely skyrocketed since then.

The polls seem to be back where they were at the begining of this sponsorship mess which tells me a number of things a) we really need to fire our communications people, our message is not being sold. We need some innovation in that particular area, hell at this point bring in the guys from Axe Bodyspray and we'd be doing better at getting our message out than we currently are. b) Most voters have the memory of a goldfish when it comes to political scandals. I've said it before and I'll say it again, we need to fight the Liberals on the issues not just wave the bloody sponsorship shirt. Were I in Stephen's place I'd talk less about corruption and more about the fact that there was more than 9 billion dollars in surplus, and that the Liberals and NDP in their infinite wisdom don't happen to think any of that belongs back with the people who make it.

I personally would love to make the next election about the arrogance of a government who thinks they know how to spend people's money better than the people themselves whom they "claim" to represent.

As Monty Python would say "Now for something completely different"...

The NBA playoffs came to a dramatic finish with the San Antonio Spurs edging the Detriot Pistons in game 7 of the NBA finals. The first 4 games were blow outs, but the last three games of that series have been some of the most amazingly competitive basketball you could ever hope to watch. Congradulations to all those athletes who made a series that the "media didn't want" into "must see tv".

On another note...

If you see one movie this summer see Batman Begins - I can't decide whether Christian Bale out does Val Kilmer in making Batman darker and edgy, that comparison is something I'd consider too close to call. In any event, the story takes Batman where Batman should be - a slightly warped, twisted, dark path, a truely Gothic Gotham punctuated with a measure of sardonic humor. Michael Caine is outstanding as Alfred, on the other hand I'm fairly sure you could ask Michael Caine to play virtually any party and he'd nail it. While having Liam Neeson in the part of the villian and Morgan Freeman as Batman's equivalent of Q made the casting simply outstanding.

While I'm plugging movies, I don't think its still in theaters but when it comes out on video do see Kingdom of Heaven. The battle sequences are stunning, and the medieval pagetry and turmoil of warring armies is incredible. That and the middle eastern cinematography provides a stunning backdrop to the movie. If you like sword, this movie is for you.

And finally, I promise the next post will follow this one far more quickly than this one the last.

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