Tuesday, April 03, 2007

The Iranian Mullahs Need to Go

The current situation with Iran by its own admission invading Iraqui territorial waters and kidnapping 15 British soldiers is unacceptable. Its bad enough when the Iranians are developing nuclear weaponry, funding terrorism and organizing holocaust denial conferences. Now they're engaging in kidnapping and attempting to provoke a war. I've always been of the opinion that Iraq was the wrong middle eastern country to invade. Iran is twice as crazy and out of control as Saddam ever was. The fanatics in control of Iran need to be stop, thrown down and brought to heel. At this point the Iraquis can fight their civil war - the Iranians are a large part of the problem there to begin with funding, supplying and covertly fighting in Iraq.

Iran's actions currently constitute an act of war. As a result the only responsible course of action is to cease the earnst hand wringing that's currently occuring as a "diplomatic solution" is being sought. Kidnapping is not a diplomatic matter, its not a terse note sent between countries to express disatisfaction. This was deliberate, dishonest, agregious and entirely unacceptable. Iran must return these hostages immediately, or the only rational recourse for the UK and all of NATO is to go to war with Iran. There is no middle ground.


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