Monday, December 20, 2004

Mark Steyn on the "Christmas haters"

The Telegraph

But every time some sensitive flower pulls off a legal victory over the school board, who really wins? For the answer to that, look no further than last month's election results. Forty years of effort by the American Civil Liberties Union to eliminate God from the public square have led to a resurgent, evangelical and politicised Christianity in America. By "politicised", I don't mean that anyone who feels his kid should be allowed to sing Silent Night if he wants to is perforce a Republican, but only that year in, year out it becomes harder for such folks to support a secular Democratic Party closely allied with the anti-Christmas militants. American liberals need to rethink their priorities: what's more important? Winning a victory over the kindergarten teacher's holiday concert, or winning back Congress and the White House?

The elevation of the right not to be offended into the bedrock principle of democratic society will, in the end, tear it apart. That goes for atheists threatening suits against New Jersey schools and for Muslim lobby groups threatening fatwas against The Telegraph. On which cheery note, Merry Christmas to all.

Just let people enjoy their time of good cheer and back off. Its a religious/commercial celebration, and its called Christmas "not winter holiday". If you can't admit we just don't have a holiday around that time for no apparant reason and that people obviously wish to celebrate it your delusional. Furthermore, the language police needs to stop comming up with euphamisms for Christmas. Its not just "the season", or the "holidays" its the "Christmas season" and "Christmas hollidays". A five year old could inform you of the nature of the holidays in such a respect. Why must we tolerate these irrational Christmas haters who simply won't allow other people to enjoy themselves?


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