Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Signs of the comming Apocalypse - I agree with the NDP on something

In seriousness, I consider this to be a decent and honourable thing to be doing in order to ensure that our nation's rich history is preserved for future generations. I hope all parties will support the private members bill that's being proposed here. I give credit where credit is due and Peter Stoffer has risen in my estimation.

On the other hand I'm reminded of the line from Starsky and Hutch where Huggy Bear says "you've risen a notch, that puts you at one."


Dead veterans' medals not for sale, says Nova Scotia MP

New Democrat MP Peter Stoffer was inspired by the incident and on Wednesday was due to unveil his proposed bill to prohibit the sale of war medals.

"Those medals could be sold by your next of kin or estate. I just think that's wrong," Stoffer told a local radio show.
"You can't place a value on that. It's something that should stay within the family to pass on and keep the memory alive," said Pointon.


At 12:58 a.m., Blogger Chris said...

I'm not sure that it should be illegal, but what kind of sad pathetic excuse of a person would auction off their family's precious war medals?


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