Thursday, January 27, 2005

Climate Change's Famous "Hockey Stick Graph" a Hoax

There have been accounts of this before, however, previously studies illustrating the fact that the so called spike over the last 1,000 years in temperature was a hoax didn't make their way into peer reviewed journals. Hence they were considered to be unsubstantiated and the musing of right wing ideologues. However, as Mulder would say "the truth is out there".

However the National Post reports, that a new study by an economist out of Guelph has illustrated that the methodology involved in creating that graphic was charlatanism. Furthermore, this study has found its way into several peer review journals and has prompted the lead author of the next International Climate Change Panel report to announce that the matter definately had to be studied.

You can find the paper itself here. It warms my heart to see that science is slowly struggling to overturn ideology.


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