Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Divided? Not really

I'd encourage people to go here and click on the video link. The party doesn't look terribly divided on the issue, and even the CBC seems to admit on air that we're 95% together on this issue. Sure some people have some concerns but really, let's not get skittish.

The write up beside the video is slightly amusing as it seems to equate opposition to the party position within the Liberal and Conservative caucuses. While on the one hand, there are at least 30 Liberals opposed to the party position which is just under a third of the party, and 2 who oppose the party position. That doesn't strike me as terribly comparable.

They also quote Belinda as stating she wouldn't have run the ads, and as far as I'm concerned Belinda that's fine. I and many other people wouldn't have or didn't vote for you as leader so you don't get to make those kind of decisions, Stephen does.


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