Thursday, January 27, 2005

SSM Polling

(via Norman Spector)

In the spirit of working with our friends and spiting our enemies, the Conservative Party has released its polling data to the Sun Chain.

Praxis and Decima conducted a national poll of 1500 people on the issues of whom they would vote for, and more specifically on the issue of same sex marriage. The news is good all around, evidently our position has widespread support in Ontario and even more specifically the GTA, 57 and 58% respectively, compared to 34% for the Liberal position.

Nationally its a touch closer with 42% in favour of our position, to 35% for the Liberal Position.

Apparantly provincial trends are fairly consistent except in BC, which has a larger number of people in favour of gay marriage. Strangely, I would have thought Quebec would have been the odd ball amongst the statistical trends.

As for where the parties stand - the electorate doesn't think any of them are covering themselves with glory evidently.

The poll also found the Liberals at 31% support nationally; with the Conservatives at 28%; the NDP with 18% and the Green Party at 4%.

I like the fact that the Liberals are down and that we are in striking distance, however, hopefully we'll see some upward movement soon.

However, so much for our stance on SSM being toxic in Ontario and Quebec. Sometimes the Globe and Mail, the CBC and The Star need to realize what a left wing echo chamber they truly are.


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