Sunday, January 23, 2005

I think Jack Layton has a point

(Via Hacks and Wonks)

The Ottawa Sun's report on the ongoing SSM tiff offers the following quote from Jumping Jack:

"If he believes this is human rights issue, as a leader of a party he should never have said, 'By the way, if you want to vote against human rights as established in the Charter, that's okay,' " he said.

This does tend to highlight the difficulty Paul Martin is in, he's gone around waving the Charter and claiming the courts have ruled and that's final so we couldn't possibly do anything else. While at the same time he's left the door open to some of his caucus at least to do just that.

Let it never be said that a Liberal is too wedded to any principal not to try and fudge and equivocate his way out of bind. Given that the current Liberal stance is "Pro-gay marriage unless that would cause us to lose in our riding."


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