Tuesday, February 08, 2005

American Politics - Productive Democratic Navel Gazing

When an election goes horribly wrong, and when you should have in your own mind won, parties and pundits seem to analyze, dissect, prognosticate and otherwise poke the corpse that was their election effort.

Quite frankly pundits are often dead wrong about what parties should do. That and they also tend to be terribly predictable in what they have to say "be less centrist", "be more centrist", "have a better candidate", "play more or less dirty during the campaign" etc.

However, James Carville and Stanely Greenberg of the late Clinton braintrust have been polling the proles and crunching numbers to analysize the state of the democratic party. What issues their weak on, where their strong and therefore extrapolating about how the Democrats should be tailoring their message.

You can find their report here, its fairly brief and an easy read (lots of graphs). I'd like to see the CPC do something simmilair as it strikes me as a very productive project to undertake.


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