Saturday, February 05, 2005

I'm really tired of Liberals saying "how would same sex marriage affect you, its none of your business"

I'm really sick and tired of that dishonest and disingenious means of seeking to stiffle any dissent on whether homosexuals should be allowed to marry.

"What business is it of yours?" Implies because I'm not gay I shouldn't have any say in it, and "it doesn't affect me" because I'm not directly involved I shouldn't have an opinion.

You know what? Anyone mouthing that empty rhetoric can can take a long walk off a short pier.

I'm sick of hearing people flying this "libertarian flag of convience", they don't honestly believe that people shouldn't be able to meddle in other people's affairs. They just want to be able to close their mind and believe there are no consequences to this particular political cause. Nor do they actually believe that the state and society should shove off and leave people alone.

I'll take this argument as credible if and when each and every one of you who raises this argument is willing to say "Yes to private healthcare", "other people's health doesn't affect me so I shouldn't have to pay for it." When they're willing to say "other people's ownership of guns doesn't effect me unless they use them on me, so if you want a closet full of assault rifles knock yourself out." If they're willing to say "welfare, transfer payments, foreign aid? How does of the deprivation or suffering of others affect the people who actually pay for it, its none of their business, why should they pay?"

That's right if you want to play the Libertarian card, if your in for a penny, your in for a bloody pound. Sign on the dotted line to say "Yes, I'd like the majority of the state to be dismantled until it doesn't do much more than raise a military, a police force, a fire service, negotiate trade and alliances with foreign countries and build roads. The need for several of those services is also debatable."

Then I'll take your "its none of your business, and it won't affect you anyhow" lines seriously. Until then if I have to pay for all this mindless communitarian drivel which quite frankly "doesn't affect me", I'm going to say that SSM is bad for society on the whole and shouldn't be allowed to happen.

Now all you "Libertarians by convience", put up or shut up.


At 8:59 a.m., Blogger Gordon Pasha said...

Chris, well written. I agree that the "none of your business" argument is a non-starter. It's always none of your business until they (by "they", I mean whomever is the latest to say "none of your business") want your tax dollars to fund their lark. With respect to same-sex marriage, there is more at stake than the piece of paper. Adoption, for instance.


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