Saturday, April 02, 2005

Gommery Inquiry and a Looming Election

The media is now abuzz with the rumours of a possible election. Reading the story on CTV earlier this afternoon I was left wondering what could possibly have emerged that was new and so terribly damaging that the Bloc Quebecois was predicting it would win every seat in Quebec and the Conservatives huge gains in Ontario and Atlantic Canada. Due to a publications ban which is suposed to be in force for another two monthes, the details of Jean Brault president of Groupactione cannot be published.

However, the joys of the internet are such that a US blogger, Captain Ed Morriessy, has broken the story and published an accounting of the testimony. ( search for "blog" "Gomery" "scandal")(ed. note the account has been mentioned on CTV, however, as is the case here details of the testimony aren't discussed as they are subject to publican ban. This mention is nothing more than a reference to a publication not a publication of any details in an of itself. )

If this is true, this testimony is the closed thing to divine intervention Conservatives can hope for. I'd buy advertizing time and run clips of this testimony. Hell, I'd put the entire testimony online in video form and let the media pick it up and go back to flaying the Liberals for there sins. Some people thought the Sponsorship Scandal a thing of the past, while its about to prove the gift that keeps on giving. But I encourage you to visit Captain's Quarter's and decide for yourself.

You might very well see Jim Travers prediction that Paul Martin will go down in the history books as "The Man Who Never Really Became Prime Minister" come true. (My mind often can I direct readers to the Star with approval?)


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