Wednesday, October 05, 2005


For any of the squeemish sort inclined to flee the room the moment religion is mentioned, I'm not about to talk about Calvary Hilll or any such thing. My blog was dead, now it is not. *cough* I swear I mean it this time. There is simply so much to talk about these days be it a golden handshake for everyone's favorite gum expensing civil servant or the impending glory of the Edmonton Oilers season* And yes, while I've been pulling an Andrew Coyne and vanishing for long periods of time inexplicably I was watching the basketball playoffs, CFL football, playing video games, reading novels, working summer jobs and getting back into the groove in law school. But the last month or so has involved me putting on my political hat again, with all the conspiring, muttering and scheming that accompanies that - so of course I began to miss my soap box. So back by popular (my) demand my musings on life, politics and sports!

* Presuming one of there goaltenders recalls the object of hockey is to keep the puck out of the net.


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