Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A political obituary: RIP Finance Minister Paul Martin

Paul Martin, former finance minister famed for reducing the deficit, fighting spending, cutting taxes and overall financial rectitude. He died yesterday in an orgy of spending, some would say he passed away after selling his soul to the socialists. The former finance minister is survived by spineless Prime Minister Dithers, who is lacking in scruple and principal, willing to do anything to desperately cling to power and a party fallen into disrepute. The Canadian Chamber of Commerce and Canadian Council of Chief Executive Officers released statements mourning the previous finance ministers passing, saying it was a "sad day for the business community that Paul Martin had been part of for so long" but they stated they would continue to push for economic growth and tax reductions wherever they could be found "because that's what our Finance Minister would have wanted us to do."

So long Finance Minister Martin, I'm sure you'll be remembered fondly. I'm sure Mr.Dithers and his new socialist compariots will be able to explain to Canadians why they said no to 340,000 new jobs in Canada. I'm sure the business community will understand a highly nuanced answer to their current "et tu bruti?" Just like I'm sure Dithers can explain selling out his past, while Jack Layton tries to explain why he's suddenly "cool with corruption". "Hey a few more billions in social programs - what was that I was talking about before..corruption..ah forget about it. What's a few hundred million in graft? We're all socialists here now right?"

Apparantly there is no one including himself that Paul Martin won't sell out in order to cling desperately to power. While Smirkin' Jack has simply shown that the scent of corruption from vote buying, can be fanned away as long as each of his MPs has their vote bought at 250 million dollars a piece in spending. Buying votes to try and slither through a vote buying scandal - isn't it ironic?


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