Thursday, December 08, 2005

Adler goes after the pious healthcare fascists

Greg at Political Staples provides readers with a link to a recording of Charles Adler from yesterday up at Proud to be Canadian.

Everyone from Manitoba, and I am origionally until I was called to the Conservative mothership in Alberta, knows that Chuck is one heck of a rabble rouser and not afraid to let his knuckles drag for the right cause. I do say that in the most affectionate way as a libertarian and a democrat myself. However, when you listen to his national broadcasts you tend to hear a kinder, gentler Adler as after all you wouldn't want to be too "scary" for those delicate people in Ontario. But this is Adler at the top of his game, full of righteous indignation and biting logic and expounding upon the totalitarian nature of the pious socialist health care corner, who not only want to make you pay taxes for universal health care but to prevent you from spending your money on additional services if you so choose. He puts the case forward as well as anyone could, check it out.


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