Sunday, December 26, 2004

Yushchenko Declares Victory


Freedom rings!

Yushchenko is declaring victory in the Ukraine on the basis of a 17 point lead in the counted polls, and a 56.5 to 41.3 lead in exit polls. This 15% or so lead is fiarly consistent with polling that's been conducted in the Ukraine over the last several weeks. Yushchenko's victory is a victory for democracy over the forces of oligarchy and opression. Its an indication that democracy can take root in those countries where it hasn't deep historical roots. Democracy can work anywhere, because men desire to be free and freedom is best expressed through democracy. Democracy is not just a greco-roman/anglo-saxon phenomena but that form of government most natural to all men, regardless of their geography, ethnicity or skin colour. Seeing the people of a country stand up for those fundamental rights which are their own against the elite of their country and those of a neighbouring power and achieving victory has been an inspiring sight to behold.

I salute all those brave Ukrainians who took to the streets in defense of their freedom, and I congradulate them on their victory. This may be a turning point in the history of Eastern Europe where the changes wrought in the 1980s begin to run their course and take full effect. Whatever the ultimate impact of this election in the Ukraine, it has been a good day for democracy.


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