Wednesday, January 12, 2005

In Bizarre Legal News - Parents must pay graduate level post secondary tuition

Court tells doctor to foot daughter's med school


The British Columbia court of Appeal has ruled that parents whom have means are obligated to pay for at least half of their children's graduate studies at university. This evidently overturns the prior caselaw that parents were only on the hook for support during an undergraduate degree.

There are two things which strike me about this scenario - what sort of child sues their father for the cost of their tuition? Its a rather unseemly thing to be doing.

Secondly, grow up. Once your 18 your parents don't owe you anything. However, often they help out, out of kindness and parental concern. This guy helped pay for this daughter's undergraduate degree. Now she's gone to the courts and said "Daddy, I want I want a medical degree too give me money". In any sort of sane society a judge at a much lower level would have burst out laughing and promptly dismissed this case. She's an adult, if she wants to purchase a degree for herself then she should do so either by working or borrowing to obtain the money.

Thirdly, to this girl's father - seeing as you already have a lawyer you should probably write her out of the will immediately to teach the presumptous and ungrateful wretch a lesson.


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