Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Frank McKenna Offered Post of Ambassador to the US


TORONTO - Frank McKenna, the former Liberal premier of New Brunswick, has been asked to become Canada's ambassador to the United States.

However, McKenna's spokesperson Ruth McCrea told CBC that McKenna has not yet decided whether to take the position.

She confirmed that the job offer had been made, and said he will make a decision within the next week or 10 days.

This would actually be a fairly solid appointment. McKenna is a surprisingly reasonable politician for a Liberal. He isn't part of the anti-American left wing of the Liberal Party. Hence since the person whose going to be appointed to be ambassador to the US is going to be a Liberal McKenna isn't a bad choice. He would also be starting with a fairly clean slate in Washington as he isn't associated with the Chretien regime either. Now its a matter of seeing whether he accepts.


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