Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Heartless Tories Go After Martin on Humanitarian Aid to Sri Lanka

Larry Zolf seems rather puzzled as to why its the Conservatives hammering at the Liberal government for vacating the field and offering a token amount of relief for the tsunami tradgedy. Of course it is a valid point to wonder where the sob sisters in the NDP and the Bloc are, however, its faintly amusing to note that the Conservatives are those crying out for humanitarian aid in greater quanties. After all, aren't we suposed to be the terribly self interested and indifferent Conservatives who only want to cut taxes and put money in their own pockets? (ed note. We'd still like that tax cut too!)

Although Zolf is rather hard on the Martin government for being slow off the blocks and by his reckoning essentially still on holidays when it should have sprung into action. When the Liberal cheerleading squad is unhappy with Martin and Co. they've generally made a rather significant error.


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