Sunday, January 02, 2005

Kinsella is now calling a Conservative Government next year

Warren Kinsella former Chretien flunky extroidinaire and prognosticator of all things political is predicting a Conservative government next year. Apparantly either within the current parliament supported by the Bloc or following a new election if Klien and some wayward so-cons don't screw it up. How much credence one should put in Kinsella's predictions is debatable but he did call it being a minority parliament long before many others were. Additionally I like most others am fond of predictions which happen to match with my desired outcome of events.

The relevant predictions were as follows:

Here's this year's predictions. Happy New Year - I hope 2005 is better for you than 2004 was for me.

1. The Martin government will fall in 2005, likely over missile “defence.”

2. It is not a given that an election will immediately take place. Adrienne Clarkson, who the Martinites have done their level best to defame and demean, may ask Stephen Harper if he has the confidence of the House. He just might, too (cf. his Belgian love letter to Gilles Duceppe).

3. If an election results, the Liberals will not - repeat not - win a majority. If Ralph Klein and Tory caucus kooks (cf. White, Gallant, ad nauseum) can be persuaded to shut up, Stephen Harper will be Prime Minister in a minority Parliament. He will do a surprisingly okay job.

4. Paul Martin will count himself lucky to win 70 per cent support for his leadership at the March Liberal convention. If he gets more than that, it means (a) a rigged convention and/or (b) that every real Liberal stayed away due to (a).


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