Tuesday, December 28, 2004

In praise of Don Cherry

I've heard many people deride the Pontifex Maximus of Hockey as being crass, boorish and a knuckle dragger. Of course the people whom tend to offer these particular assessments are rarely those whom watch the game with any frequency as they haven't a very high opinion of a sport as "violent" as hockey itself. Hockey is our national sport and remains one aspect of our society which is muscular and agressive, a bastion of manhood admist the rampant feminized pacivity that dominates our culture.

Don Cherry, save his occasional xenophobic statements, is one of the most positive figures on national television. From his bully pulpit of Coach's Corner, his message is one of pride and patriotism. Cherry is always proud and eager to where the flag on his sleave, hat, tie and as a pattern on his suit for that matter. Few are the people whom express their love of country so frequently and openly.

He also offers a message of decency and responsibility to the children he knows watch him on television. He counsels them to respect their oponnents and play fair, but to play hard. They should stand up for themselves and for their teammates. I can't imagine a more honourable message than that, nor one more needed for young minds. Love your country, contribute to your team, do you best, play fair and respect yourself enough to defend yourself and your team. I can't think of a message any more Canadian.


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