Friday, January 14, 2005

Leftwing Blahg appears to declare itself cool with the Liberal Party of Canda being Corporate Whores.

I don't normally bother to peruse leftwing blogs and reading this Blahg which I showed up on Technocrati list after my own blog was listed apparantly on the same topic.

What's most striking about this post by Robert McClelland is the absolute lack of anything resembling manners. His evident need to attempt to belittle and denigrate those who disagree with them to the point of being so childish as to spell "right wing" "as right whingers". Evidently Robert considers investigative research to be an exercise for "simpletons" and a "waste of time".

My that really does refute the point that Mike Brock was getting at. By calling him a simpleton obviously his illustration that the accusation left wing commentators make about Conservatives being in large corporations pocket is strikingly untrue. Furthermore, apparantly Liberal supporters using various charitable, medical, service organizations and different levels and parts of the federal government to funnel money into the federal Liberal Party is hardly corrupt and immoral its just fine and dandy as well.

I'm not sure what I find more disturbing about this, the wholesale endorsement of corruption or McClelland's lack of anything resembling common curtesy.


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