Saturday, January 29, 2005

Liberals Seem Partisan about Charity too

A number of non-profit organizations whom recieve government funding for their work are claiming favouritism in the new system implimented by the Liberal government.

Six non-profit community organizations are going to have to close their doors as funding is withdrawn from them. Several are being knocked off by rival organizations which just "happened" to have made a "donation" to the Liberal Party of Canada.

Ironically the history books tell us that kickbacks were the way of politics long in the past, a mere subject of texts as a historical curiousity. However, as one views the growing list of organizations which recieve government funding and the contributions they seem to be making to the Liberal coffers, it would seem that the practice is not the relic of antiquity that we've been lead to believe.

"I know that the Working Skills Centre has had a stellar track record with this department and we don't understand why it is that we don't continue to be funded," said Hui.

The agency has served 21,000 women over nearly three decades. It's attained a 70 per cent success rate placing them in jobs.

The three winning agencies have either donated to the Liberal party or are located in the riding of the former human resources minister, Joe Volpe.

Another group, Linkup, lost its funding to the Ontario March of Dimes, which also recently donated $1,100 to the Liberals

Karen Goldenberg, the president and CEO of Jobs Vision Success says neither her group's location, nor her own personal donation to the Liberal party played any role in winning the bid.

No no, it has nothing to do with it at all. Its all just a happy coincidence, not rampant corruption right? Seriously, when the CBC spin is essentially that the Liberal government is corrupt things have to have gotten pretty blatant. When your appologists can't deny the facts, you've got problems.


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