Friday, January 14, 2005

Prince Harry ordered to visit Auschwitz, costume consultant fired

CBC News

While George Carlin suggested that anything can be funny, its simply a matter of context - Prince Charles does not appear to be laughing at the escapades of his younger son. Evidently our future monarch was rather livid and has ordered him to visit Auschwitz in order to understand the magnitude of his mistep.

One would think that the idea of "Nazi costume" and "bad idea unless I'm playing the villian in a movie" are part of the same stream of consciousness for anyone with something resembling even the smallest amount of tact. Furthermore, the theme was colonials and natives and you choose Nazis? Not only did you miss the obvious offense your choice of costume was likely to cause Harry but you went on to be rather out of step with the theme of colonials and natives. Your part of the English royal family and you couldn't graspe that you could have appeared patriotic if rather than dressing up as a Nazi if you'd simply pulled on a red coat you'd have been "in theme" and could have hid behind the flag quite easily. Harry your costume consultant is fired.


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