Wednesday, February 09, 2005

John the Reasonably Sane but Understanderably Angry on the Media and SSM

I read John the Mad's blog quite frequently and he had a post a number of days ago which I've been meaning to draw attention too but given my somewhat busy schedual have been remise in getting around too. He commented in the thoroughly dishonest manner in which the Globe and Mail and certain other media outlets choose to deal with the issue of same sex marriage.

He mentions that the media has been doing everything in its power to play up the minor disagreement in the Tory causus at last count 95 Mps to 4, as a major "skism" in the party ranks which is tearing the Conservative Party appart. I've read so many articles about this, and quite frankly its been nothing more than exaggeration, fabrication and outright lies.

The media in many quarters seems to insist that the disagreement in the Conservative Party of 95 to 4 is greater or at least as great as that within the Liberal Causcus (if they choose to mention the Liberal Causus at all). Somewhere between 30 to 40 Liberal Mps are expected to vote against this, out of 134 Liberals. That's more than 25% of Paul Martin's party voting against his inititive, while only approximately 5% of the Conservative causus has indicated it is against its leaders stance. Which party is rife with dissent? Can anyone in the media count?

John also rages against the fact that the Globe doesn't seem to wish to credit the CPC with the fact that the majority of the public is on its side, and that people are clearly supportive of a referendum on the subject. The selecting reporting of the media and its role as appologist in chief for the Liberal Party of Canada, and big government in all its ways, shapes is forms is as tedious as it is irritating. The death of investigative journalism and anyting resembling impartial reporting of facts or the presentation of balanced views on a given issue or of political perspectives seems to be a thing of the past as the media plunges back to its role in the 1800s as party mouthpieces.

But I'd encourage you to go read the whole thing.


At 4:41 p.m., Blogger John the Mad said...

Glad you liked it Chris. Still makes my blood boil.


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