Monday, April 11, 2005

Ekos Poll - CPC 36.2% LPC 25% (There is a God)

At this point aside from triumphalism, feelings of complete validation and verbal fist pumping I don't know what to say. Well actually I do - this is the best non-sexual thing ever! The Liberals are spiraling downwards towards oblivion and finally the Conservative cause has some wind in its sails. This is simply fantastic, finally we may see what Canada so desperately needs - Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

I think many of us harboured the belief that perhaps Eastern Canada would simply continue to shrug their shoulders and say "Well, that's just politics for you." But no, it would seem that the foul stench of corruption and the listlessness of a tired and completely uninspired Martin government has caused them to see the light!

That's right, it is has been said vote for integrity and a tax cut and lo but yea shall be saved.

Perhaps I should have been slightly more upbeat about this rather than harbouring my doubts. When the normal appologists for the Liberal Party waffled uncomfortably and were speechless. To see Kinsella at a loss, and the Calgary Grit thoroughly discouraged is a rare sight (although CG must be used to being rejected in Calgary).

All my fellow conservatives out there, irregardless of your stripe - I direct you to the latest Ekos poll and suggest you thank whatever form of diety, entity or universal truth you deem appropriate - either that or simply feel really smug that the Liberals finally seem to have found enough rope to hang themselves.

Find the details at the Star - here, here and here. Heck find it in french here.

Nationally its the CPC at 36.2%, the LPC at 25%, the NDP at 20.5% the Bloc at 12.5% and the Greens at 5%

A regional breakdown has us at 40% in Ontario, with the Liberals at 33% NDP 21%.

In a spectacular development Conservatives are in second place in Quebec! No..your not misreading that SECOND PLACE IN QUEBEC. Although its a distant second.

Dans la belle province

BQ - 54%
CPC - 18%
LPC - 15%
NDP - 10%

This means we have a real shot at electing some MPs from Quebec, and even stealing some of the federalist vote back from the Bloc if we can prove ourselves to them.

In Alberta Liberal support has fallen to 10%, I think all Alberta can join me now is telling Anne McClellan to start cleaning out her desk!

In less good news the NDP seems to have surged ahead in BC, Saskatchewan and Manitoba they're at 37%. Which likely means we picked up only some of the Liberal vote and alot of the Liberal vote flipped to the NDP most likely the Liberal urban vote. On the other hand - Liberals are still experience political death so I'm okay with that.

This poll has Conservatives up 10% since Feburary and the NDP up 5%. While the Liberals have taken a beating down from 40% or so to 25%.


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