Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Had a theological discussion the other day

That was a rather odd event in and of itself, given that I fall into the agnostic way of thinking. But I supose I can be drawn into any somewhat intellectual discussion readily enough. I honestly have some difficulties with the notion of any supreme being that predetermines events or influences them as I've never felt it completely reconcilable with free will. That aside from the consideration that the prevalence of evil seems to suggest a less than perfect design to the world.

That would simply be my personal existentialist musings on the matter. Likely others will disagree. However, free will is to me the most keystone of declaring any action right or wrong without it - everyone can claim they are a victem of predetermination. Yes, that means you Paul and Scott - I don't buy it.

As for free will, I wonder if there are any blogs about it? That might be something to search for, well that and Gomery testimony.


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