Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Question Period Exchange Between Harper and Martin

You tell me which party and which leader looks like its winning. Follow this link and click on the link on the side bar to Harper Grills Martin.

I simply have a few observations before I head off to bed. Firstly, the Conservative caucus seems to be fired up and ready to go to war. The Liberal caucus on the other hand seemed fairly sedate about the whole exercise.

Martin's suggestion that not all Liberals should be tarred with the same brush, is going to be rather hard to manage. The brand is being damaged. For more and the latest details on that, you'll want to consult the US blog that heralded "Canada's Corruption Scandal Blown Wide Open". (they can't outlaw google) I consider this a positive development. The national unity scare mongering is just that. Scare mongering. If you also check out the click with the interview with Brison who seems to be touting the party's new line. Which is essentially, we're the victem too...umm really and you can't talk about how corrupt we are too forcefully as it might drive the country appart.

After all it was those clever Liberals who were keeping the country together with that sponsorship program of theirs. I'm sure that is why we don't have any Bloc Mps in the house today...hmmm wait that doesn't seem to be quite right does it?

Anyhow, returning to the Question period exchange Harper lobbed the Kazemi ball into Martin's court after making a snide remark that it would be up to the police, judge and Canadian people to determine the guilt of the Liberal party. Martin went on defending the Liberal party and hystically claims they called the inquiry.

Thereafter Harper said "Again the prime minister is defending the Liberal Party when he should have been defending a Canadian."


I'm not sure who taught Stephen to be mean since the debates in the last election but I like it. If he simply says something which completely cuts Martin to pieces like that in a debate we could be having a "You had a choice!" moment.


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