Wednesday, October 05, 2005

My hockey pool picks

I joined a hockey pool through my university faculty, and just because I feel like bemoaning fate I'll disclose who the players are.

Markus Naslund F Vancouver Canucks - in my opinion the best player in the NHL right now. Foresberg is getting fragile with a questionable back, and Ignla isn't going to look nearly as good this season with so much more open ice. Jerome is the hockey equivalent of a running back who can take it right up the gut, but now the rules are slanted to make it easier to dance around the outside so to speak. From the highlights flying high in the game opener.

Alex Tanguay F Colorado Avalanche - he was a leading scorer a few years ago and biting at Naslund's heels for the lead. However, after watching Colorado and Edmonton WHERE WAS THIS GUY. He was INVISIBLE! If he doesn't turn around the fantasy GM may be fired by the fantasy ownership. However, at least he sucked while playing against Edmonton.

Mats Sundin F Toronto Maple Leafs - left the game with an injury around his eye today. Tanguay is invisible and Sundin is hurt the Fantasy draft gods spite me! But come on he's on the Leafs first line and in the new NHL they can't lose 5-0 all that often.

Shane Doan F Phoenix Coyotes - just a big solid power forward he puts in around 20-30 goals in the net a year. I think he's going to be a solid pick unless he's injured, and he's hanging around Gretzsky that has to have some sort of halo effect.

Daniel Briere F Buffalo Sabres - I've been impressed with Briere in what I've seen him play in the World Cup, he simply seems like a tremendous hockey player who flys under the radar as the Buffalo Sabres don't exactly get alot of tv time in Canada. I'm fairly sure he was a good decision.

Rick Nash F Columbus Blue Jackets - one of the best young forwards in the game today. Who knows how well this guy can do with a stronger supporting cast? I'm confident in this pick too.

Miroslav Satan F New York Islanders - how can you not have a player in your pool whose last name is "lord of darkness". I jest, he's a tremendous offensive talent and although by all accounts a jerk off the ice perhaps he and Yashin can have a "players no one really likes on a personal level but are damn good hockey players" thing going. Additionally, I have a soft spot for Miroslav Satan since I recally scoring so many goals with him while playing NHL '98 back when he was an Oiler (alas another one that got away).

Chris Pronger D Edmonton Oilers - this guy is going to be running our power play so I'm optomistic about his season this year. He seems the sort of player that can be that solid base and log a lot of minutes.

Peter Sykora F Anahiem Mighty Ducks - your fast, smooth skating European goal scorer type. I figured he'd be money in the new NHL. We'll see.

Peter Bondra F Atlanta Thrashers - pretty much same deal as Sykora.

Brendan Morrow F Dallas Star - another former Oiler we couldn't hold onto. He's a consistent performer so I'm fairly confident in taking him in my pool.

J.P Dumot F Buffalo Sabres - I had no idea who this guy was, but his stats looked okay so I picked him at random. So far it looks like an inspired choice as he has the first goal of the season.


At 1:00 p.m., Blogger Temujin said...

Only guy I would question is Nash. He was a one year wonder, for sure.

Nash is Trash.

But everyone else looks good to me.


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