Friday, January 14, 2005

Federal Government to Research Polygamy

(via Hacks and Wonks)

The Hack over at Hacks and Wonks, has a great site which I would recommend to anyone. As a refugee from the Doer government and the desolation socialism has wrought upon the once fair province of Manitoba, its nice to hear the news back in rural Manitoba as my parents aren't ardent political junkies.

The Hack seems to relish an opporunity to say "I told you so".

There are a number of people who've taken the line that gay marriage doesn't lead to polygamous marriage, or that it could simply never happen so its not an issue. Apparantly the government of Canada isn't quite as cavalier in their assumptions on the viability of the matter. The government of BC has basically surrendered in all but name given the police and Crown prosecuter's unwillingness to arrest and bring charges on the offense. Now the government is issuing grants to rigorously study "none existant issue".

Call me bitter but I'm going to enjoy this experiment in social engineering backfiring miserably and I seriously think there is a stronger case to be made for the acceptability of polygamy than their is to be made for gay marriage.

I want to see a polygamous gay marriage and then see someone mouth a liberal piety about how they've really strengthened the institution of marriage rather than made a mockery of it.


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