Saturday, January 15, 2005

Sgro Blames Political Enemies for Resignation

CTV News

Judy Sgro is blaming her downfall on her political enemies, personally I'd be more inclined to blame it on strippers, pizza, or political corruption. However, what's truely interesting is that she's not pointing the finger at the unfair assault of opposition parties but to infighting within her own party.

"Everybody wants into cabinet," Sgro told The Globe and Mail, charging that the allegations were the result of a deliberate smear campaign.

"If they see you with the slightest bit of a problem, there are always people who think they have a chance at getting your job, who will even assist your opposition."
Sources told The Globe that Volpe had been prepared to take over for several weeks.

And in a December interview with the paper, Sgro said Volpe "wanted her job".

As a Conservative its a strange, if not unwelcome, position to be in where for once, our party is strong and united while the Liberal Party is the one engaged in self-immolation and fratricide.


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