Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Timmy the G decides to import deranged and fringe so-called "Conservatives" to substantiate his fascist allegations

Since Timmy the G still seems hurt that I've declared that calling the Republican Party and the Right in the US in general "fascist, or becoming fascist" to be a way in which he's undermined his credibility, Timmy has sought out such "conservatives" as Pat Buchanan and Justin Raimondo to try and justify his statement.


I firstly have to question Timmy's familairity with either Patrick Buchanan or Justin Raimondo. Patrick Buchanan is someone whose drifted off the Conservative radar in the United States. He lost the nomination for the Republican party and thereafter sought the nomination of the Reform Party in the US, which had previously been Perot's vehicle. Buchanan's views are hardly conservative, he's an isolationist, anti-war, anti-trade blow hard whom also happens to be have some "interesting" racial views. Undoubtably I'm not the only one who recalls Pat Buchanan's last campaign commercial where a person was dialing directory assistance and they recieved a numbered list of options in foreign languages, perhaps a dozen of them, and then a voice over was heard "Is this America?" Buchanan is a member of a navel gazing, xenophobic fringe which isn't affilated with the Republican party and isn't taken seriously by Conservatives.

Raimondo is an even more questionable Conservative and is one of Buchanan's ilk. He runs a site called , and seems to share many of Buchanan's views. However, if you'd like an assessment's of Raimondo's credibility he's recently written a book about how 9/11 was secretely masterminded by the Mossad who thereafter manipulated the US into invading Afghanistan and Iraq. was all the JJJJEEEEEWWWWSSSSS.

I'm glad to see Timmy has gone to such "credible sources" and "reliable Conservatives" to try and justify his statements and defend his own "credibility". But evidently an unjustifable and derranged statement can only be supported by people simmilairly afflicted.


At 2:59 p.m., Blogger Timmy the G said...

Yet at no point do you refute any of the positions they put forward.



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