Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Kyoto Provisions to be Severed from the Budget Bill

This is starting to read like a children's novel "See Paul Run." "Run, Paul, Run."

The Liberal withdrawl of the environmental regulations is an indication that right now they're playing for time. Right now the relevations being leaked out of Gomery, by people watching on television at the public theatre and being published on the internet by "the blog that may not be named" have Liberals across the country running scared.

The provincial Alberta Liberal Party is going so far as to float the idea of a name change to distance themselves from their federal counter parts. But we can still only dream of the day when "liberal" becomes a slur in Canada like it is the in the US.

However, the new Liberal Party line is they're "victems in this too." My response is - what a load of guano. You've been victemized by you're members alledgedly participating in defrauding the taxpayers of their money? Considering the money seems to have found its way into Liberal Party coffers I'd say "benificiary" rather than "victem" seems a more apt characterization of their place in this particular scheme.

Scott Brison, aka the Turncoat Kid, is trotting out to threaten the Conservatives with the sacred 'national unity' card. Now aside from the irony of Scott Brison lecturing anyone on the moral implications of working with people who mean to turn their back on their compatriots, alledgedly by criticizing the Liberal Party we're undermining federalism and promoting seperatism.

Just for Scott I'm recommending our Quebec slogan be "Le meme federaliste gout, mais sans les volereus".

Apparantly, we can't point out that being corrupt and stealing from Canadians is bad, because that would fuel seperatism. Well *obviously* we should just let the Liberals carry the federalist torch in Quebec. After all their great ideas about funding cultural events and ad agencies have really got that seperatist problem under control.

But really, the sponsorship program seems to have characterized every Liberal program within the last half a dozen years. An ill thought out program, that was founded more on a good feeling than any sort of plan. "Hey lets sign Kyoto", or "lets put in a Gun Registry" or "let's create a national day care system" or "let's tighten up border security".

Now you see the Liberals have yet to realize that a "plan" isn't like fries. It isn't an optional thing to go along with the idea you have - its ABSOLUTELY INTEGRAL. Whether your empty gesture makes you feel good and "sends the right message" is completely irrelevent - results matter.

And as Canadians the only results we seem to be seeing, are intellectual bankruptcy, self-service, and political lethargy all gift wrapped in leftist political blather.


At 1:25 a.m., Blogger gullchasedship said...

See Paul Run.
See Paul Stumble.
See Paul Fall.


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