Saturday, February 12, 2005

Andrew Coyne's blog lives! And Coyne comes out swinging against Chretien

Andrew Coyne who seems to be beset by a series of blog related technical difficulties, is back with more modest format. Let the blogsphere rejoice as one of its more prominent members return. Coyne's blog tends to be the point of origin for many other blogs at least in the Conservative ranks of the blogsphere (including my own humble prognositications).

However, the matter Coyne launches his return on is the rather suspicious self-characterization Chretien has laid out regarding the sponsorship program.

Chretien seeks to establish that while he knew about the sponsorship program's existance he really hadn't had anything to do with how it actually operated or exercised any oversite extra. However, Coyne makes the case about just how unlikely this really is. This "hands off" Chretien is the same Chretien whom got so very actively involved with securing funding, loans and grants for close friends and business associates? Who would not have payed any attention to a program he thought was part of his "number one priority" (I actually believe he had one..unlike Paul Martin). Coyne doesn't point this out but Chretien was REALLY interested in seeing Government of Canada logos and billboards all over Quebec as that was part of his job in the 1980 referendum and he believed it had been "key" to victory.

I think given evidence of his past conduct Chretien's testimony should be treated with a healthy dose of skepticism rather than with the adulation that the lefty blogsphere seems to be meeting it with. As I mentioned in my last post, Bob seems to have characterized their reaction perfectly.


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