Saturday, February 12, 2005

Bob at "Let it Bleed" rebuts the Liberal Appologists

This post at Let it Bleed has Bob summing up quite nicely my personal feelings towards the leftwing media's response main stream and blogsphere towards Chretien and Martin's testimony on the sponsorship scanal. Really, the begining of his post is priceless...

Now that the Liberal groupies have finally finished pleasuring themselves to climax over Ti-Jean's performance earlier this week (Ohmigod! He just showed us his balls! He's the greates... unnnrrnrrgrhhgh! ... damn, where are the towels?), we are being treated to the latest post-coital apologias. And, much like the earlier round, there's a certain... let's call it moronicity... to the whole exercise.

Generally Bob is simply on the mark on this one. The Liberals seem to have tried so many lousy angles at spin upon this matter, now their simply begining to cycle through them all over again and hopefully something works a second time or that people simply become tired of the whole thing.

The Liberals here seem to think saying "our corruption was saving the country" and that "other people bought logoed golfballs too" is some sort of persausive argument. Quite frankly, if you think your efforts to "save the country" by advertising Canada like it was a new brand of cola were successful you're delusional. Seperatism is still a Lucien Bouchard away from being on the cupse of breaking up the country.

People seem to forget that the referendum is in the bag more or less for the no side until Bouchard took over campaigning and managed to connect with Quebecers and inspire them to vote yes in larger numbers than previously imagined.

Secondly, do you really think that putting up a picture of the flag and the words government of Canada at various fairs and conventions in Quebec is really going to change people's minds? If Quebecers had the mindset of a grackle maybe they would say "ooh shiny, Canada good". But that's really not the case, and its the reason why we currently have 54 BQ Mps in Ottawa. The entire premise of the sponsorship program is insulting to the intelligence of Quebecers.

If you want to end the threat of Seperatism the only actual way to go about it is to a) placate seperatists with a devolution of powers that satisfy most of the nationalist voting bloc allowing them more control of their own affairs or b) rather than having a pathetic excuse for a national identity which tries to be all things to all people, give them something to identify with and which will bind their loyalty to Canada.


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