Saturday, February 12, 2005

Wal-Mart puts the boots to would be Unionizers

Hail Wal-Mart! Those about to shop salute you.

This is what I love to see, good old fashioned cut-throat capitalism looking after is bottom line, and sticking it to needless unionism which results in nothing more than laziness, overpayment for mediocre and lousy work and far more employees than are really necessary. Unionism became wholly unnecessary from 1960 onwards, it serves no purpose other than as a platform to attempt to extort higher wages than are deserved from business and government.

Now to be fair private sector unions may not be as wholly parisitic as public sector unions, but comparing the relative malignacy of parasites distracts from the fact "they are both parasites".

In a news release, Wal-Mart said it had told the United Food and Commercial Workers union during negotiations for a first contract that the store's financial situation was "precarious."
The company said the union's demands would have required more hiring and added hours.

Which is the completely predictable union demand "more money for less work." Look if you didn't want to work for a non-unionized store you should have gone elsewhere. Leave Wal-Mart, that shining beckon of capitalism alone you grubby, NDP voting wretches.

Really, look what the would be union has accomplished here, instead of more money and more jobs they' now have, no jobs and no salary. Essentially their worse off because of their efforts. Which is more or less what they deserve. If you want a relatively cushy job, go to college, don't work in Wal-Mart. Furthermore, for the love of god, its Wal-mart you're a cashier, stacking shelves or glad handing customers - don't complain about how hard done by you are. Wal-Mart isn't a bloody coal mine or a turn of the century factory, its a large deparment store. If your unhappy because your life involves working their rather than somewhere more glamorous and high paying, there is only one person to blame - yourself, not your employer.

UPDATE: Colby Cosh has a few exellent points to make on this situation as well. He isn't terribly impressed with socialist politicians condemning Wal-Marts actions, as he rightly points out that the entire purpose of a labour union is to act collectively to withhold your labour if you don't agree with the employer's labour policy. Turn around is fairplay, Wal-Mart is withdrawing its capital from the spoiled workers because they don't agree with the employee's labour policy.


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