Saturday, February 12, 2005

Hey Stephen in the next election say "Jean Charest knows he has a silent partner in Paul Martin, I"ll look him in the eye and say no."

Paul Wells, having recovered from cheerleading Chretien, returns to what he's really good at (and the reason we all like him) ridiculing Paul Martin. Wells brings to our attention the rank hypocracy that is involved in Paul Martin's rallying to the banner of public health care, from us "scary Albertans". Apparantly Ralph Klien running his jaw about how public health care isn't working is a dire threat to the system, while the Quebec government presiding over the formation of a parrallel private health care system isn't worth mentioning.

While this does seem consistent with Liberal beliefs regarding foreign policy (talking being far more effective than actually doing anything). Most of us have to wonder how wonder how King Ralph is so appalling in his prognostications while the end result is simply not worth mentioning because its in Quebec.

This is the sort of Liberal hypocracy which grates me and most of Western Canada. Its "okay" for Quebec, but wrong for anyone else. Everyone hates a double standard and there simply isn't anything else to call this.

Wells' reminds us of Paul Martin's campaign accusations against Harper being a "silent partner for Ralph Klein's health care reform."

Ralph Klein is "hoping he'll have a silent partner in Ottawa by the name of Stephen Harper, someone who will not speak up for the Canada Health Act," Martin told a group of health-care workers in Ontario on June 17.

"Well, unlike Stephen Harper, I do care. I will look Ralph Klein in the eye and I will say 'No.' Unlike Stephen Harper, I will defend medicare."

Kind of brings a tear to your eye, don't it.

Alright Paul, break out the warhorse. Guess what the dragon of private healthcare isn't found in Calgary or Edmonton, or even in "Scary Alberta" at all. It happens to be alot closer to where you live. Hey, its even in the city and riding you happen to represent. So go slay the evil, scary dragon of private health care Paul. Really, its in your neighbourhood. So seeing as "you care" do something about it!

Wells directs us to an article in the Montreal Gazzette, which outlines the extent to which private healthcare is flourishing within Montreal.

Montreal has become the private health-care capital of Canada, offering a wide range of diagnostic, surgical and therapeutic services to those patients willing to pay out of pocket to bypass the public system, a Gazette investigation has found.

A parallel health network for the well-heeled and well-connected has emerged in the city in the past five years amid swelling waiting lists in hospitals for MRI scans, orthopedic procedures, almost every type of day surgery, and a shortage of family doctors. Montreal, in effect, is now the mecca of private health in Canada, attracting patients from as far away as Vancouver Island.

"The province that's going to lead the change in the Canadian health system is Quebec, because it's the only province that has the autonomy to do it," said Brian Day, a Vancouver orthopedic surgeon and proponent of private health care.

"The federal government and (Prime Minister) Paul Martin will never hit on Quebec in the way that he will hit on Alberta and British Columbia."

Hippocrits..plain and simple. That's all Paul Martin and the Liberals are, every single one of them. This is simply the proof of it. They don't actually care about the health care system, unless they can exploit it to scare old people with bigotry towards Western Canada.

"Since nobody has clarified the situation, these private facilities are now increasing in number," said Normand Laberge, CEO of the Canadian Association of Radiologists. "Everybody is playing with words, pushing the envelope because the funding of the public system is put at the minimum."

I want this to be an election issue, I want to see the CPC making commercials about it. Expose these lying too faced hippocrits for what they are. A lot of swindlers who pretend to care, and then do and allow exactly what they said they were fighting against - free trade, health care, gay marriage.

Why is this happening - because "Jean Charest has a silent partner in Ottawa, Paul Martin, someone who will not speak up for the Canada Health Act."

We might as well go into the next election and have Stephen say "Well, unlike Paul Martin, I do care. I will look Jean Charest in the eye and I will say 'No.' Unlike Paul Martin, I will defend medicare."


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