Saturday, February 12, 2005

John Tory to Run for Ernie Eves old seat in the Ontario Legislature

John Tory might finally become leader of the opposition in the Ontario legislature. Ernie Eves finally decided to return to private life after lingering for an inordinate period of time. Past leaders of the party tend to throw a shadow on the new ones, and lead to a certain amount of divisiveness in a party and its generally best if they slink off to some non-public role in the party. Although they generally remain popular enough that its great to trot them out for conventions to smile, wave and give a speach to the party faithful.

Although for the most part, its best to remember there is a reason why so many are former leaders - its not because they chose to simply retire, its because they failed somewhere along the lines. Ernie Eves isn't simply sailing off to his golden years, he's out as leader as he was a complete bust as leader. Any time you decided to throw out the fact you think your opponent is a "reptillian kitten eater", a remark as creative as it is bizzare, you are in trouble.

Now John Tory may have been the sort of fellow I wouldn't mind being mayor of Toronto, as compared to the raging socialists there he is Conservative. Although if it had been up to me he wouldn't be the leader of the opposition in Ontario. It would be nice if someone in more the Mike Harris mold picked up the Common Sense banner there from where its been left to fall and stormed the gates of that repulsive fortress of arrogant socialism that is Toronto and forced a pro-buinesss, pro-individualism and pro-personal responsibility agenda down their gagging throats.

However, John Tory won. He really can't be any worse than the social engineering and vaguely authoritiarian Liberal regime in charge of the place now. A group that's become so laughably control oriented that you can't even ride a bike without a helmet. Tory can't be THAT bad by comparison.

If nothing else Tory is the lesser of two evils, and he deserves his kick at the can. It would have behooved Eves to have stepped aside earlier so that Tory would have been in the legislature to direct the opposition to McGuinty's government. Well, at least he'll have his chance soon enough with the party's virtually tied in the polls. Ironically, the former mayoral candidate for Toronto shall now be representing a rural Ontario riding. Something of a change of venues for Tory, but if nothing else he has the right name to win and he seems to be fairly gun-ho about it. So best of luck to him, as even though I don't live in the province I loath anyone who ballons the state's influence as much as McGuinty is.


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