Wednesday, February 16, 2005

NHL Lockout Update - Season Cancelled.

I was wondering if my gloom and doom prediction was going to be made to look foolish yesterday, when the NHLPA agreed to a salary cap of some sort. However, the league and the player's association evidently can't come to an agreement over the level of the cap so the season's cancelled. Although one has to think, did we really need to cancel a season when their now arguing over whether we should have a $49 million dollar salary cap or a $42.5 million dollar salary cap?

The players are looking terribly foolish in this, at least in my eyes. They've been chanting "No salary cap, not ever" since Semptember. Now they've changed their position to simply "we'd like a higher one than the league wants". Everyone could have been saved a lot of time, money and energy if the players had just taken that position in September rather than going through this prolonged bluff. Then the NHL would have had a CBA and a season and all the negotiations would have been over in October. I was sure the Oilers would make the playoffs this year and lose in the first round to Dallas too.


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